Main Venue Address

HDK, School of Design and Crafts
University of Gothenburg
Kristinelundsgatan 6-8, Göteborg
405 30 Göteborg
Phone:+46 31 786 00 00
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Crafting the future

The theme of the conference is designer´s practice knowledge. How can the specific knowledge of designers be brought forward, articulated, made visible and be understood and used in contexts like innovation, business development and social change?

Invitation text

Design is a central field for practice and research in visioning and crafting the future – and facilitating changes that could lead to a better future. Business has realized this to a great extent but also many public organizations have discovered the value of design for developing and communicating services. With the changing role of design, the boundaries of design as well as its practice has changed. When packaged in a process format and language to appeal to managers and large organizations, the core of what designers do is at risk of getting blurred. Designing is about crafting, making, visualizing, and imagining the future, regardless of whether we are involved with products, services, fashion, interactions, or other areas of practice. Have these core activities changed?

We invite design researchers and practitioners to celebrate the 10th conference of the European Academy of Design with contributions to our conversation on the role of design and designers in crafting our futures. We invite empirical studies that return to the roots of design practice, and theoretical frameworks that help us better explore and understand the role of our practice in business and society.

The University of Gothenburg

The Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at the University of Gothenburg is the home of a wide range of disciplines, which makes it unique in all the Nordic countries. The venue of the conference is the Faculty’s School of Design and Crafts (HDK), which was founded already in 1848, and is still housed in the same characteristic building. Located right in the center of the city, history and future go hand in hand in this building that hosts both research and education in design. The research of HDK combines the will to experiment with practical design methods, always with an awareness of the important role that design plays in society. The Business & Design Lab (BDL) is a cross-disciplinary research center within the university that is a formal cooperation between The Faculty of Fine, Applied and Creative Arts and the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law. BDL plays a central role in organizing the EAD conference.

The Röhsska Museum

The Röhsska Museum is the only museum in Sweden specializing in design, fashion and the applied arts. Since it opened about one century ago the museum has enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with the School of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg. The permanent exhibitions of the museum ranges from East-Asian antiques to modern and contemporary design.

Acknowledgements: We would like to give our special thank you to the Torsten Söderberg Foundation for support that enabled cooperation between the Röhsska Museum and EAD. We also acknowledge the encouragement and financial support we have received from HDK – School of Design and Crafts, The School of Business, Economics and Law, the Swedish Research Council registration number 424-2012-6769, the Swedish Research Council Formas registration number 202-2012-1770 and the City of Gothenburg.